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Bojana Cvejić



About performances, we speak in two situations, artists' talk and bar-talk. Both happen after the event, and the unspoken rule underlying the theater protocol is that you don't speak during the show. Performances are to be attended in silence. But, being spectator is an activity, and watching involves thinking, imagining, sensing, feeling, remembering, arguing, protesting, sleeping. How many thoughts are produced and lost track of during a performance? It feels impossible to be simultaneously perceiving and verbalizing the stream of your thoughts while the object of your attention is moving and changing. But this might be yet another romantic prejudice to challenge.

A performance is projected before an audience like in cinema: on a large screen in dark. Behind the audience, three and more "interpreters" are also watching it from three isolated boxes that resemble translation cabins, and they are commenting it. One of them is the author and/or performer as well. These voices are cut off from the bodies, a situation which lifts the aura from authorship, and multiplies and tweaks one performance in several variant readings or fictions. The spectators are invited to navigate between channels, editing among several voices their own voice-over.
” (Bojana Cvejic)

Running Commentaries happen once per month in Les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers during the first semester of 2010. The screening shows a performance presented at the same period on a Parisian stage. As a critical counterpart to the performance, these discussions are part of the venue where the show first takes place, and will be partially or totally published in the Journal des Laboratoires.

Running commentaries #1
Sunday, February 14th -  5 pm
Daniel Linehan’s Montage for Three and  Not About Everything
Elisabeth Lebovici (art critic), Noé Soulier (choreographer), conversation between Daniel Linehan and Bojana Cvejic

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