L’artiste dans le champ social
November 5, 2004

Initiated by the Association Internationale des Critiques d’Art (AICA), this symposium intended to organize a debate representing several committed viewpoints on the stakes of contemporary artistic approaches. On this occasion, artists, critics, curators and researchers from different specialties questioned the references and theoretical tools, which account for contemporary artistic commitments in social realities. By evoking the Polish situation, which was the starting point for this initiative and that appears symptomatic of the historical situation, and through international scopes, two round table discussions were inaugurated by specific interventions and made it possible to question the customary theoretical and critical traditions: in particular the European Modernist traditions in opposition to the Anglo-Saxon traditions represented by the notion of Cultural Studies. With : Henry Meyric Hughes (chairman of AICA and of Manifesta Foundation), François Piron (co-director of the Laboratoires), Aneta Szylak (chairman of AICA-Pologne and chairman of Wyspa Progress Foundation Health & Safety, Gdansk), Christophe Domino (chairman of AICA-France), Lorand Hegyi (director of the contemporary art museum of Saint- Etienne), Esther Shalev Gerz (artist), Sylvie Blocher (artist), Guillaume Désanges (project co-ordinator at the Laboratoires), Ursula Bieman (artist), Piotr Piotrowski (art critic), Stephen Wright (art critic), Chantal Pontbriand (chief editor of the review Parachute, Montreal), Fulvia Carnevale (philosopher), John Tain (researcher).



STAND 2004
November 16-17-18, 2004

Stand Stand by Claudia Triozzi was programed in the context of the “Spectacles vivants” at the Centre Pompidou, presented in collaboration with the Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers. This piece by the choreographer, in collaboration with musician Michel Guillet, appears as a display concieved for a photography exhibit, but involves the spatial and temporal dimensions of a show. This was a new opportunity for the artist to explore the possibilities of using voice as a body organ, combined with staging purposes similar to those of contemporary visual arts. Imagined, directed and performed by Claudia Triozzi / Manipulations : Raoul Chapa Smith, Olivier Charlot, Michel Abdoul, with the participation of Matthieu Doze / Photographic collaborations : Olivier Charlot / Live music : Michel Guillet, Claudia Triozzi (voice) / Video : Isabelle Griot / Installation concept : Claudia Triozzi, with the technical advice of Claudine Brahem (model reconstitution) / Scenography of the photographed “tableaux” : Claudia Triozzi / Lights : Aurélien de Fursac / General studio : Raoul Chapa Smith / Studio Laboratoires : Damien Arrii / Hairdresser and make-up: Grégory Stadnicki, Sophia Bun / Administration : Sophie Pulicani / With the help of Ecarts-Anis Gras. Coproduction Association CESPI / Le Quartz / Scène nationale de Brest – With the backing of the Ministry of Culture and communication, assistance in creation – Drac Île-de-France.


Pour en finir avec Claude Régy

Le groupe Saint Augustin on ice

November 24-25, 2004
Une saison en enfer
November 26, 2004

Yves-Noël Genod’s stay at the Laboratoires led him to develop a piece, inspired by the British stand-up comedies, into a three-part event, “Festival de trois jours”: two evenings with a one man show and a concert (lasting 3 and a half hours), and one evening with a happening (lasting 1 hour). It was an opportunity for the artist to invite the following people on stage: Julien Gallée-Ferré, Soazig Ségalou, Mike Brank, Thomas Scimeca, Frédéric Sourice, Nicolas Moulin, Jonathan Capdevielle and Mylène Carrière. Production Association ORO/Compagnie 391. Coproduction: Les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers and Groupe A.C.


Tough stories
December 1-2-3, 2004

For three evenings in a row, the Laboratoires presented a retrospective of the films of Stéphane Bérard: De l’Indéfendable théâtre balinais (1997), Mortinsteinck (1998), L’Ecart (1999), and Les Ongles noirs (1999-2004). Each of the projections was introduced by a musical performance by Stéphane Bérard. The last projection was followed by a discussion about these films with Boris Achour (artist), Xavier Boussiron (artist and actor in the film Les Ongles noirs), Jean-Marc Chapoulie (critic and cinema programer), Guillaume Désanges et François Piron (art critics) and Nathalie Quintane (writer and actor in the films of S.B.).



December 8-9-10, 2004

Variété is the result of research on certain aspects of the Italian theater tradition (mime, puppets, itinerant theater); it is a solo performance in which the obviousness of conventions (gestureattitude- movement, character-type) is put into question. The show offers a transformation of dance through close-ups, volontary interruptions of movements, and interventions of technological devices (video, sound amplifier). In the same way, the gestual and emotional codes of pop songs are misappropriated: a voice shifts, expressions are exaggerated into grimaces… Annabelle Pulcini : choreography and interpretation, Célia Houdart : “Lagache Smallaword” (texte-charabia) and artistic collaboration, Yannick Fouassier : lighting creation, Vincent Alaphilippe : sound treatment and original music, Cookie : sound and video studio.

DJ POULET / 2004

December 8-9-10, 2004

With Poulet T.D.M.C., Laurent Dratler aka DJ Poulet proposed a DJ set pre-mixed, staged like a musical one-man show. DJ Poulet works on the relation of the electronic musician and his public, to illusion. How can one show the spectator a musical work in transit on a hard disc? How can one stir an audience by playing records one after another, in a row? How can one move the audience, while making them dance? Armed with his original compositions, varying from pure pop music to ageing d’n’b, Laurent Dratler has created a bashful however talkative character, at times DJ, at other times professor answers these interrogations, then raises new ones.

EXIBIT «35 h.» / 2004


«35 h.»
December 17-18, 2004

In the context of the training programs, the Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers are involved in a partnership with University Paris X - Nanterre. Nine students of the DESS “Arts de l’exposition” (Guillaume Baudin, Marc Bembecoff, Marie Gabreau, Quiterie Guéniot, Aurélien Mole, Alexandre Neveu, Julie Pagnier, Céline Poulin, Jean-Philippe Roinsard), assisted by the team of the Laboratoires, were invited to imagine and achieve a project that “would question the limits of the notion of exhibit during a very short period of time”. They thus decided to organize an exhibit that would last 35 hours non-stop, in order to test the form and limits of exhibiting. Based on a plurality of artistic proposals, completed or in progress, this project consequently combined several possible readings. Starting from a visible storage in the entrance, the “bureau des 35 heures” orchestrated different hangings, arranged and presented happenings, sound displays and projections within the limitations of space and time. Artists presented: Pierre Alferi, Wilfrid Almendra, Elisabeth Ballet, Joël Bartolomeo, Caroline Bouissou, Robert Breer, Claude Cattelain, Elsa Clement, Raphaël Dallaporta, Thierry Dardanello & Frederic De Goldfiem, Daniel Dezeuze, Philippe Durand, Carole Fekete, Pierre- Philippe Freymond, Gregory Gicquel & Daniel Dewear, Jeremie Gindre, Eric Hattan, Jacques Julien, Harri Koskinen, Katarina Kudelova, Edouard Leve, Mark Lewis, Anthony Mccall, Tracey Moffat, Nicolas Moulin, Bruce Nauman, Guillaume Paris, Playdoh, Joan Rabascall, Edward Ruscha, Claude Rutault, Fred Sandback, Joe Scanlan, Franck Scurti, Alberto Sorbelli, Olivier Soulerin.


November 5 - December 18, 2004

During the Ouverture 4, American artist Robert Breer’s sculpture Float (1970-2004) was presented on the terrace of the Laboratoires, in collaboration with the Galerie & : gb Agency, Paris.

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