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Nature Theater of Oklahoma


Nature Theater of Oklahoma


Les Laboratoires d'Aubervilliers
41, rue Lécuyer
93300 Aubervilliers
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Aubervilliers / Pantin Quatre-Chemins (sortie Avenue de la République côté numéros pairs)
Given the Nature Theater of Oklahoma's emphasis on process and how freely the ensemble chooses the forms its plays take, the Laboratoires d'Aubervilliers have invited them as company-in-residence for the development of a new choreographic piece.

The residency comes at the most experimental moment of the company's process: the first part. This engagement will allow them, based on what they've created, to find co-producers for the next stage of their project. At the end of their residency, the Nature Theater of Oklahoma will present a performance, resulting from this first work stage.

This project will use different sources: Medusa's Trap, a short play by Erik Satie; Mitzi, a play by Harry Stephen Keeler; Chiquenaude, a short story by Raymond Roussel (the last two texts include descriptions of ballet); as well as different texts written by the artists themselves in which they play with classical poetic forms using rhyming and verse. The dances will be composed using photographs in lieu of dance notation. The piece may also include short video episodes of a "never-ending" soap opera, which would be visible both online and onstage.

For this project, Nature Theater of Oklahoma will collaborate with 4 Paris-based dancers. It will be the first time they work with actors outside the company. These professional dancers should belong to different generations (between ages 14 and 60). They should all offer a strong "dance identity" (whether by education, by practice of a specific dance, or by having lived through dance history of the past 30 or 40 years). The ensemble also hopes to confront its ignorance of choreography with highly specialized knowledge and techniques.

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