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Julia Varga

Julia Varga


The team at Mosaïque (a drop-in center for teens in the city of Aubervilliers) contacted the Laboratoires to set up a project with 10- to 18-year-olds who use its services on a daily basis in the Villette neighborhood. Based on the observation that the young people it serves suffer from a lack of self-confidence essentially for reasons of identity and culture, Mosaique wished to develop an art project to get the kids thinking about self-esteem.

First came an initial period of observation from July to September 2008, during which time Julia Varga regularly visited Mosaïque to get a sense of whether a project was feasible in this context.

Then, from December to March, the artist brought in a video camera that she used alongside Mosaïque's youth, spontaneously, and without giving them any particular training. Working impromptu allowed her to get an insider's look at the ins-and-outs of the institution's daily routine, without designating specific "workshop" hours.

From here, things might move in several directions, depending on the teens' reactions and the footage they shot.

A second period will involve making a "finished product," which could be a film, a play, a radio program or a karaoke. It will be displayed in September 2009 at a place yet-to-be determined.

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