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Antonia Baehr


Laugh is a self-portrait through the eyes of others. Antonia Baehr is the one laughing. She laughed and wondered as she did: What's happening inside my body right now? That's how laughter became the subject of a research project involving workshops, scores, interpreting these scores, a performance, and a book. The artist is not only interested in the mechanics of laughter and its physiological components, but also in its quality as a gesture and expression deprived of causes; a simple overflowing of sound and body. She also turned her attention to the authorship of this laughter. Who is the author of my laugh? And who is the author of the laughter of those I imitate?
The performance was produced at the Laboratoires d'Aubervilliers in April 2008. The book Rire - Laugh – Lachen, published in Octobre 2008, is a record of that project. It should be used as a workbook; a collection of laughter-notation scores and exercises.
These are unique because they only come to life when they're tested - at the very moment they're played. They are tools.
Lindy Annis's introduction describes the project's main stages.
The book also relates a selection of exercises by Laugh Professors Barbara Manzett and Claude Bokhabza.
Most of the book consists of laughter scores composed for the performance and published chronologically piece-by-piece. An interview with Xavier Le Roy, choreographer, puts the project in the context of Anotnia Baehr's other work. Finally, an essay by Stefan Pente on becoming-laughter continues the train of thought.
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