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Vincent Dupont

Presentation December 10th and 11th
Part of the 100th Inside Out Festival

    Since 2001, the work of choreograph Vincent Dupont tests the interaction of dancers’ bodies – their presence and movement - with different sounds and visual effects. The purpose of these experiments is to get at the central issues of choreography, to help the dancer find his strength and equilibrium, without recourse to a set choreography, but rather by allowing him to rediscover the original act of empowering space. To put these experiments into practice, and make each performance unique, light and sound become themselves actors in the elaboration of movement. The point is not to follow a set of behaviors or score, but to retrace the same experiments, with new variations and discoveries. This is not improvisation, but a loose framework woven by several performers that allows for freedom of movement. The word confrontation sums up our intentions, because this is indeed a battle to define our desires and bring them to the stage. Confrontation defines this moment when we walk out on stage, when we appear before an audience, and movement begins. To better understand this moment of revelation, we want to redefine it by taking it apart.

By asking the dancer to adapt to a new time signature, sound space and lighting ambiance, we hope to reinvigorate his movements, allowing them to take the space they need, to comment on the fragility of this instant when everything can begin. It’s an exercise in intensity, in which the dancer’s body tells a different story each time. Also in confrontation with the other members of the trio, each dancer progressively attains a dynamic state, that speaks of his or her commitment. Sound is also a vital part of this experiment.

Having worked on the private nature of sound piped in through audience headphones (Jachères improvisations), on the uncertain nature of a radio program about training surgeons ([dikrömatik]) and on the sound produced by movement (Hauts Cris (miniature)), today I hope to work on incantatory material that calls on dancers to affirm their presence and free their movement. After discovering the music of Madam Twill (DJ), I immediately wanted to associate it with my vocal work and, along with Thierry Balasse, to try to make this very untalkative music talk. By affirming this desire, I hope to bring the trio of dancers to a new revelation of form.

Vincent Dupont, 2006

Les Laboratoires d'Aubervilliers
41, rue Lécuyer
93300 Aubervilliers
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réservation au : 01 53 56 15 90
>> Accès : Ligne 7
Aubervilliers / Pantin Quatre-Chemins (sortie Avenue de la République côté numéros pairs)
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Horaires : 19 h 00

Choreographic project by Vincent Dupont Danse : Olivia Grandville, Werner Hirsch, Manuel Vallade Music : Raphaëlle Latini (DJ), Vincent Dupont (voix), Thierry Balasse (réalisation sonore) Lights : Yves Godin Help on the relation gesture-light, (logiciel Isadora 1.1) : Armando Menicacci Production : Association J’y pense souvent (…) Administration/production : Myriam Lebreton With : Les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers, Centre national de danse contemporaine Angers, Centre Chorégraphique National de Caen, Centre Chorégraphique National du Havre, Centre Chorégraphique National de Tours and the support : La DRAC Ile de France, Ministère de la culture et de la communication, Le Conseil général de la Seine-Saint- Denis, Le DICREAM, Centre National de la Cinématographie

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